Why live in Paraguay


With its weather, its sweet living and the absent of stress you’ll live better and healthier.



With all its advantages, Paraguay is an ideal destination to enjoy a true retirement, with a better purchasing power when leaving Europe, investing in local properties, you ensure comfortable incomes for your retirement, with a considerable profitability that you will no longer find in Europe. Among the main advantages of Paraguay for retirees, the cost of living is very low, the possibility of having domestic staff, maid, gardener, guard, etc., the climate is very pleasant all year round, very accessible health, with a high level adapted medicine, pharmacies open all 24h with free delivery service. The kindness of the population and numerous possibilities for leisure, will give you a second youth.



Small amounts of crime under ordinary law, which appeared only a few years ago, does not expose the country to high risks of insecurity. The usual precautions and a little vigilance are advisable when leaving banks, exchange offices and ATMs. Also avoid frequenting certain neighborhoods of the capital and the disadvantaged suburbs, at night, exhibiting outward signs of wealth.L


Settle in Paraguay

Immigration formalities are relatively simple and quick (on average three months from the submission of the dossier).